What Is The Fastest Drone In The World?

Do you love fast vehicles? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy drone racing. Similar to NASCAR, drone racing contests race different drones to collect points (for different competitions) and to cross the finish line first. Drone racing is insanely exciting. The drones maneuver aerial obstacles, speed bumps, and loops. The drones race to the finish and whoever crosses the finish line first wins the race. There are several competitions throughout the year.

But, who is the fastest?

What Is The Fastest Drone In The World?

Currently, the fastest drone in the world is the DRL Racer X. Top speed on this drone is 179.78 mph which far exceeds the speed of the average IndyCar racer which averages between 120 to 130 mph. The DRL Racer X is faster than all other vehicles in drag racing.

I couldn’t even imagine trying to fly this drone so fast!

Check this out:


More Info About The DRL Racer X

The DRL Racer X is manufactured by the Drone Racing League, which is a league of professional drone racers sponsored by the DRL Drone Racing Championships. The Drone Racing League conducts races with teams from all over the globe each year. And they also create some crazy fast drones like this one!

How much is a DRL Racer X?

The DRL Racer X package costs $599 which for such a great drone is a very reasonable Beerotor 80a Brushless Esc Speed Controllerprice.

What is especially cool about this drone is the modular design. If you crash, it is easy to just replace the broken parts and start flying again.The modular design allows you to quickly and easily replace broken parts so you can keep on flying.

The modular design also provides an important safety feature: if you crash the drone hard, the broken parts will simply fall off before the rest of the aircraft comes crashing down on you.

How Fast Is The DRL Racer X?

The average speed of the DRL Racer X is 167.2mph and it has a top speed of 179.78mph.

Quick DRL Racer X Specs

  • Small size carbon fiber frame.
  • Beerotor 80a Brushless Esc Speed Controllers
  • Tmotor F80 2407 2500kv + Apc 5×4.5bn / 10s that can get up to 43,000k RPM

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