What Age Group Uses Drones?

The age of flying a drone can leave many people fascinated. There are legal requirements based on the drone, but also your own parental guidelines and recommendations.

What Age Group Uses Drones?

People of all ages can fly drones – but the type of drone can determine a minimum age that you can fly it.

According to the FAA, people under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to fly drones since they’re considered to be too dangerous. You must earn your piloting certificate before you’re legally allowed to own and fly any drone for recreational purposes.

However, there are other options for younger people:

  • Toy drones – under 250g. If the drone is considered a toy drone and under 250g in weight, there is no legal minimum age.
  • Recreational drones – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) established a recreational drone rules in 2016. It also made it possible for anyone over the age of 14 to carry a recreational drone. Rules around recreational drone use have since been relaxed, allowing anyone over the age of 14 to fly a recreational drone if they obtain permission from the FAA.

What Is The Minimum Age To Fly A Drone Legally?

The minimum age to fly a drone depends on the type of drone:

  • Toy drones under 250g in weight – no minimum age, but most drone companies will recommend the child be at least 8 years old.
  • Recreational drones over 250g in weight – these drones need to be registered with the FAA and the minimum age to register a drone is 13 years old. However, a parent can register the drone and allow the child to fly it with supervision. Just remember that anything that may happen is always the parent’s responsibility in these cases.

What Is The Best Age To Learn Flying Drones

The best age is going to depend on the child. Some children are ready younger than others. However, I would recommend at least six years old with plenty of supervision.

But, here are some things to loo at for certain age groups if you are looking to buy a drone for a child.

Drone For A 4-6 Year Old

If you are planning on buying a drone for someone as young as four years old, you should only be looking at small toy drones under 250g in weight. These drones can easily be controlled and flown by someone as young as four years old.

You probably should also choose something very cheap so that when they do crash it, you will not be out too much money if it breaks.

And remember to always supervise them.

Drone For A 6-8 Year Old

For this age group, you will still want to get them something in the toy drone category. These are very inexpensive, but you still need to supervise them closely to make sure they know what they are doing. Again, go for a cheap is a good thing here.

Drone For A 8-11 Year Old

This age group often has the desire to control something that is bigger than a toy and will have a little more responsibility with it. However, I would still recommend not upgrading them to a recreational drone at this time and continue with toy drones.

Drone For A 12 Year Old And Older

At this age, they are probably ready for a bigger drone, but choose something that has more power that is still beginner friendly. At this age, most kids often want to fly heavier drones and adults often upgrade them to recreational or semi-professional drones. This age group sometimes sees drones as toys that they can use to to experiment with.

Are Drones Appropriate For Kids?

Yes, drones are appropriate for kids if you choose the right drone for their age group. These days, there are many options for all ages of children to learn flying a drone. And it can be a fun thing for a parent and son or daughter to do together.  As long as you teach you child drone safety and the right way to handle them.


Drones are a great invention and fun hobby for kids of all ages. They are fun and can be a great way for children to get outside and exercise creativity. I would recommend a drone hobby to anyone that wants to get their child outside and having fun.

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