A Complete Guide To Quadcopter Drone Frame Sizes

Drone frame size directly affects your flying experience. Larger frames will allow your drone to perform Wider and faster flights, but they will also require more power. This will affect your flying performance and limit when it’s possible to do the dizzying stunts many people love to perform.

Smaller frames can be easier to control, but they are more limited in speed. However, they can fly through obstacles faster.

Drone Frame Size Chart

The following table is an excellent guide to choosing the right combination of quadcopter frame, motors, propellers, and lipo batteries. As you can see, smaller frames mean lighter drones with higher speed.

This is an ideal combination for enthusiasts that want speed and control. On the other hand, larger frames allow for more stable flights and are ideal for beginners that want to fly their drone around their house without damaging it or themselves.

Frame Size Propeller
Motor Motor KV Battery
120 mm or less 3″ 1104 – 1105 4000KV+ 80-800mAh 1s/2s
130 mm – 170 mm 3-4″ 1306 – 1407 3000KV+ 600-900mAh 2s/3s
180 mm – 200 mm 4″ 1806 – 2204 2600KV+ 1000-1300mAh 3s/4s
210 mm – 240 mm 5″ 2204 – 2206 2300KV-2700KV 1000-1300mAh 3s/4s
250 mm – 320 mm 6″ 2204 – 2208 2000KV-2300KV 1300-1800mAh 3s/4s
330 mm – 350 mm 7-8″ 2208 – 2212 1500KV-1600KV 2200-3200mah 3s/4s
450 mm – 500 mm 9-10″ 2212 – 2216  800KV-1000KV 3300mAh 4s


How Is Quadcopter Frame Size Measured?

Drone frame size is found by measuring the distance between the centers of two motors in opposite corners. It is typically measured in millimeters or mm.  This is called digital distance.

drone frame size measurement

How To Choose The Right Drone Frame Size

The easiest way to choose the correct frame size to go with the rest of your quadcopter components is to reference the chart above. You’ll find that larger frames will typically require bigger battery and motor combinations, while smaller frames will be able to handle smaller battery and motor combinations.

It’s not always necessary to match the frame size to the rest of your components; however, especially when beginners first start out. As long as your drone is able to control, lift off the ground, and fly well, you should be fine.


If you use the chart above to choose all your drone components to match your frame size, you’ll likely achieve the results you desire over a wide range of flying conditions. But feel free to experiment too!

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