Do I Have To Register My Contixo F22 Drone?

If you just purchased a Contixo F22, you may wonder if you need to register it. This may be required according to local laws and regulations.

This article will go into this question in detail and explain the registration requirements for the Contixo F22.

Does The Contixo F22 Need To Be Registered?

Yes, the Contixo F22 does need to be registered. All drone buyers must register their drones that weigh over 250 grams (0.55 pounds) with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Contixo F22 weighs 1080 grams which fits the registration requirements.

Why Does This Drone Need To Be Registered?

The FAA mandated drone registration and was created to combat negative attitudes about drones in public. The reality on the ground is that most drones are safe and nuisance-free. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration created the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rulemaking Committee to “establish a framework for integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS).”

The committee was created in 2017 and is responsible for recommending all required regulations regarding drone operation in the US.

You will be legally permitted to take any flights once you have registered your drone with the FAA. You must enter your name, address, and drone registration code online to obtain your registration number.

You can check your drone registration at any time on the registration database website.

It will be evident if you have registered a drone by its registration number on the drone. However, if you still need to record your registration number, you should still be able to find out if you have registered a drone by checking with your state’s aviation authorities.

How To Register A Contixo F22 With The FAA

Registering your drone is a simple process if you plan to operate your drone in the USA.

Requirements to start your registration:

  • $5 fee.
  • You must be 13 years old or older.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Visit¬†¬†and click the “Create Account” button.
  2. Depending on how you plan to use the drone, choose the register option that fits you – Part 107 for commercial flying and Recreational for recreational flyers.
  3. Fill in your profile in the online form.
  4. Acknowledge the safety guidance.
  5. Enter your payment information to pay the $5 fee.
  6. Pay the fee.

If you chose the Part 107 registration, there would be a few extra fields to fill in, such as your business name,n serial number for your drone, etc.

Once the drone is registered and you get a registration number, you must label it with that registration number. It must be visible at all times on the drone. An excellent way to do this is with a label maker.

Recreational Vs. Commercial Registrations

If you plan to register your drone for non-recreational purposes, you will want to register it under the Part 107 option. This is for people that intend to:

  • Fly a drone for hire or freelancing.
  • Fly a drone for internal operations in your business.


Registration of your drone is mandatory if you are flying it at a recreational level and your drone meets the requirements. Once you have registered your drone, you can fly safely and legally in the USA.

The process is simple, so you should not have any problem registering your drone.

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