Everything To Know About The DEERC D50 Drone

The DEERC D50 Drone is an excellent small drone with a tone of cool features. Its a big picture drone thats perfect for flying around your house or your local park.

It is very fun to fly and with its small size, it can fly over most obstacles with ease. The controller is very sturdy and the whole flight time is around 12 minutes so you can fly it for a long time compared to other drones.

It has a ton of different features to help enhance flying abilities, video recording and more.

DEERC D50 Drone Pricing Info


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DEERC D50 Drone Specifications


Material Plastic
Color Black/Gray
Weight 178g
Dimensions 320x320x11mm
Incl Battery? Yes
Control Type 2.4Ghz
Video Resolution 2K UHD
Transmission Distance 164ft / 50m
Flight Time 12 mins
Recharge Time 90 mins


DEERC D50 Drone Features


App Controlled Yes
Auto Return No
Follow Me No
FPV Capable Yes
Integrated Camera Yes
Obstacle Avoidance No
Wi-Fi Yes
Gesture Control No
Altitude Hold Yes
Voice Control Yes
Headless Mode Yes
Tap-Flying Yes
3D Flips Yes


What Is Included?

  • Drone
  • Transmitter
  • 2 x 3.7V 1500mAh batteries
  • 4 extra propellers
  • 4 blade guards
  • USB charging cable
  • Carrying case
  • Manual
  • Screwdriver

Here is a great unboxing video that shows everything in more detail:

Who Is The DEERC D50 Drone Best Suited For?

This drone is best suited for a beginner or someone inexperienced with drones. The finished look and design are very nice and it is very durable and easy to use. It can fly very well and has a ton of cool features to enjoy.

It is very stable and can fly in just about any condition. The controller feels nice in your hands and is very well built.

Overall it is a good drone for someone new to the hobby or someone that is looking for their first drone.

Flying The DEERC D50 Drone

The experience of flying the DEERC D50 is super simple thanks to the DEER smartphone app that you can download for free (see the links below).

The app allows you to control the drone with your phone, and the interface is very good to use. Its very easy to learn and you can use the app to preset your drone with your preferences and angles for flying it. The controller itself is very simple to use and the joysticks feel very good to use. The throttle control feels very solid and has a good grip to it, providing extra control for the drone.

Do I Need To Register The DEERC D50 Drone?

Since this drone weighs less than 250 grams, you do not legally need to register it if you are just going to use it for recreation and not commercial purposes.

DEERC D50 Drone Setup Procedure

The setup procedure for this drone is fairly simple. I would recommend watching this video that takes you through the steps:

Flight Performance

DEERC D50 flight performance is top notch and it feels very steady in the air, allowing for great stability at those low altitude flying conditions. The drone can fly around at a fairly slow pace and the camera can take high quality pictures or record very high quality videos that turn out clear and smooth while in the air.

The drone has a good range and can fly over a decent distance without a problem. The solid performance of the drone makes it a great flyer.

Check out these additional features:

  • 360 Flips – Perform flips, rolls, turns, and orbit maneuvers with the press of a button for amazing aerial acrobatics.
  • Tap Flying – using your smartphone, you can easily set up a route for your drone to follow automatically.

Battery Life And Flight Time

The battery typically will last around 12 minutes / battery. Recharging the battery takes approximately 90 minutes.

Remote Control

This drone includes a simple remote control that allows you to attach your smart phone as the camera screen.

The app is available on both the Android and Apple app stores.

Camera And Video Performance

The D50 has a built-in 2K Ultra HD camera with 2048 x 1152P resolution. It also has a 120 degree field of view. This is going to allow pilots to create beautiful high-definition video and FPV videos with a nice clear and wide view.

The camera also has some cool features that integrate with the drone’s flight:

  • Gesture Control – Wave, make a “peace” sign, etc and the drone will react appropriately.
  • Point Of Interest – Point the camera to a specific point of interest and the drone will circle around that object.
  • FPV Transmission – Cool first person view allows you to see what the drone sees in real time.

Helpful Links For The DEERC D50 Drone


DEERC D50 Drone Instruction Manual PDF

Currently not available online

DEERC D50 Drone App Downloads

DEERC D50 Drone Replacement Parts

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The DEERC D50 Drone is a well built and nicely priced drone with an impressive list of features. The 360 flips, tap flying, and gesture control make it a lot of fun to fly. The flight time and battery duration are decent as well and the D50 provides great video and photography when paired with the included camera and moving image capture features.

The inclusion of the remote control makes it easy to set up and use, and the app allows you to use your phone as the camera monitor.

What I really like about this drone is that it provides a lot of value for its price and performs very well with some cool features not found in cheaper models. The D50 is a great drone that is easy to fly and fun to show off to friends. It has a lot of cool features and would be a great gift or introduction to the drone hobby for beginner flyers.

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