Are Drone Motors AC Or DC?

You may have wondered, “Are drone motors AC or DC?” The answer to these questions depends on your drone. Here is some information to help you figure it out. What Is A Quadcopter Or Drone Motor? The motor is the part that controls how a quadcopter or drone moves. A quadcopter uses four motors: two … Read more

Carbon Fiber In Drones

If you’re looking for info on carbon fiber in drones, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the main benefits of carbon fiber, why it’s the best material for drones, etc. We’ll also talk about some of the most common carbon fiber parts for drones. Types Of Carbon Fiber for … Read more

Is PLA Strong Enough For Drone Or Quadcopter?

When 3D printing a drone or quadcopter, you might wonder, is PLA strong enough? Should you use PETG instead? If so, how do you 3D print a drone with PLA? Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and limitations of PLA filament. This is a commonly asked question among new 3D printer users. This … Read more

350mm Drone Frame Options For A Great Drone Build

A 350mm drone frame is excellent for use with an FPV camera, and for high speed aerial photography. It features the same low weight and great strength as our smaller frames, but handles larger batteries with greater ease. Unlike other sized frames out there, this drone frame allows you to utilize a more compact battery, … Read more

250mm Drone Frame Choices For Racing And More

If you are looking for a good mid size drone frame for your next build, a 250mm drone frame may be right for you. It will give you extra room for bigger batteries and a larger camera than the smaller sized frames. Some pilots like to build a drone with a longer body for hovering … Read more

500mm Drone Frame Options To Build A Big Drone

A drone with a 500mm drone frame is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced flyers. It’s extremely stable in the air, and flies great at high speeds. Some pilots prefer it over the more popular 400mm and 450mm frames. A larger frame will weigh more, but the extra power and longer flight time make … Read more

180mm Drone Frame Options For Your Next Build

A drone with a 180mm drone frame is a good choice for beginner to intermediate flyers. It has slightly less payload capacity than the larger frames, but does not have the short takeoff and landing limitations. If you have already seen my drone frame size chart here, you will know that these size frames work … Read more