10 Best Drones With Camera For Beginners Under $100

Most drone enthusiasts will agree that finding the best drone, especially when on a tight budget, is not easy. It requires that you get well-informed with everything there is to know about the best drone with a camera for beginners under 100.

Best drones with cameras for beginners under 100 are as exciting for adults as kids. Moreover, they offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the basics of drones before upgrading to more expensive and sophisticated models.

We reviewed top Under $100 Beginner Camera Drones by considering several factors, including powerful brushless motors, good range, battery life, weight capacity, and whether you can put a gimbal on it.

Our Top Under $100 Beginner Camera Drones Reviews

Ryze Tech Tello

The Ryze Tech Tello is our top best drone with camera for beginners under 100. The drone flies pretty well and boasts numerous impressive features that make it outstanding. In addition to the 720p camera with image stabilization that records excellent images and videos for the price, the drone can also be programmed using scratch. In other words, it is a great learning tool for kids who have a passion for coding.

Further, Ryze Tech Tello has a few camera modes, including 360 degrees up and sideways, allowing the drone to record video as the drone flies in a particular pattern. Surprisingly, the drone is also programmable to do flips, and it can automatically take off by simply tossing it slightly into the air.

We recommend that you invest in a few more spare batteries so that you do not get any interruptions when flying your drone.

Other features include:

  • Max flight time: 13 min
  • Max flight distance:
  • 100m
  • Max flight height: 30m
  • Detachable battery: 1.1Ah/3.8V
  • Video: HD720P30
  • Weight: Approximately 80g
  • Propeller: 3 inches
  • Dimensions: 98×92.5x41mm

TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K

The TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K is one of the drones that can give you good quality without compelling you to spend a lot of money on a drone. It features a 4K HD camera with a wide-angle shooting range of 120. The lens contains a new generation zoom technology with about 50x zoom capability.

Additionally, the TizzyToy Drone has a Front Automatic Obstacle Avoidance to guarantee safety and protect your drone from crushing. The fan blades are equipped with cool LED lights to allow you to keep a close eye on the drone when flying. It is also good to mention that the drone is straightforward to control by both the children and beginners.

Features of the TizzyToy Drone with Camera 4K:

  • Foldable design for portability
  • Weighs 1.08 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.54×7.72×3.07 inches
  • Mirror adjustment: Remote control

DEERC Drone with Camera 2K

The DEERC Drone with Camera 2K is my favorite drone under $ 100. While it is a simple drone, it hits the sweet spot for finding a perfect drone within the price range.

The drone boasts a user-friendly design with a backpack to store the drone accessories. The two accompanied batteries making up to 24 minutes of flight make this drone a perfect option when you need to have fun outside.

Further, the 2K clear footage allows you to create high-definition videos with a clearer and wider view. It is one of the features that contribute to the immeasurable pleasure you will get by flying the drone.

The DEERC Drone with Camera 2K is also a perfect fit for beginners as it is easy to use. It is equipped with one key operation and auto-hovering, which are significant in assisting you in starting, landing, or changing the drone’s speed by simply dialing a single button. In addition, the three-speed modes are significant for the needs of both advanced users and beginners.

Additional features

  • Video capture: FHD 1080P
  • Battery capacity: 5.5 watt-hours
  • Weight: 178 Grams
  • Control type: Voice control
  • Battery cell composition: Lithium polymer
  • Waypoint allows you to define the exact route on the map for an exciting flying experience
  • 2K ultra HD camera with 120- degree field of view assists in creating a high definition FPV videos

Snaptainsp SP650

The SNAPTAINSP SP650 is a successful product from the SNAPTAIN brand. This model will serve the purpose for beginners searching for top-performing and budget-friendly drones. While it is a cheap drone, it looks like a DJI Phantom, meaning its design is incredible.
Moreover, the SNAPTAINSP SP650 is not big or heavy, which is a good thing because you will not have to worry about its storage and portability. The drone is constructed from ABS plastic, hence its record durability. However, you may need to consider avoiding flying the drone in windy conditions as it is light and can get damaged if you crash it.

The controller is one of the most impressive features of the SNAPTAINSP SP650. First, the control is appealing to the eye and generally complements the aesthetics of the drone. Also, it is not too big, and it has an excellent curved design that is comfortable to hold. Further, all the buttons are easy to find and identify, indicating that you can quickly utilize them without consulting the manual.

To effectively use the FPV features in the drone, you will have to download the Snaptain Nova app. The app boasts a friendly user interface, and therefore you will not struggle using it. Notably, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Additional SNAPTAINSP SP650 Features

  • 3D flips: the feature allows you to flip 360 degrees in any direction
  • Speed rotation: the drone hovers in one place while rotating in high speed
  • Voice control
  • Gravity control
  • Stabilized video
  • Amazing photos

Tavot K2 Dual Camera Quadcopter

Suppose you are looking for a cheap quadcopter that will boost the ability development, including the hands-on brain, hand-eye coordination, intelligence development, interactive toys, interest cultivation, and parent-child- communication. In that case, this is the drone you should get.

First, the front and the bottom of the fuselage contain 4K pixel high-definition cameras for quality footage and FPV videos. You can remotely switch the angle of view to meet your shooting needs. Also, the Tavot K2 Dual Camera Quadcopter has a wide range-angle camera with a 120-degree wide view to allow you to record every beautiful moment that you would want to capture.

Secondly, the Follow Me Mode allows the drone to automatically follow you to any position you move to while keeping you in the frame, making it easy to take complicated shots. In addition, the follow-me mode allows you free hands for high convenience when using your drone.

Flight time is an essential factor influencing the fun you can have while flying a drone. The Tavot K2 Dual Camera Quadcopter has an upgraded flight time of 17 minutes thanks to its 1200 mAh battery.

Lastly, it is one of the easy-to-use drones. Many drone enthusiasts agree that the model is easier for novices and beginners. The altitude hold, one-key takeoff/landing, headless mode, low battery alarm, and visible LED lights ensure that you do not experience a hard time flying the drone.

Additional Features

  • Flexible camera angle
  • Great flight stability
  • Long battery life
  • Good looks

UranHub Drone

Although the UranHub Drone might not be familiar to many people, it is one of the drones that can easily ignite the interest of any drone enthusiast who is fast getting into the world of drones. First, the price is reasonable, and the capabilities are impressive for beginner drones.

The controls of the drones are easy to learn and use. Equipped with a 2K UHD FPV camera, the drone is easy for the user to capture explicit videos and aerial photos. It is the ultimate device to record your precocious moments with a unique perspective. Additionally, the 5G transmissions make it easy to see live videos from your phone.

Further, the UranHub Drone has an in-built GPS function that provides a smooth shooting journey. You can recall the drone to the starting point whenever you find it necessary. This means that you will not worry about losing your drone.

Lastly, the UranHub Drone features advanced gesture control technology that provides a fantastic photo-taking experience. The drone automatically takes photos that would have proven hard to take without the gesture control feature.

Recap of the UranHub Drone Features

  • Simple gesture control
  • Easier and more fun to use
  • GPS smart operation
  • Ideal drone for adults
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-quality construction

Holy Stone HS140

The Holy Stone HS140 is a thrill for beginners and a top-selling drone on Amazon. It features an HD camera and an altitude hold to provide extra stability. Additionally, the Holy Stone HS140 is a small and lightweight drone that weighs less than 250 grams, meaning that you would not have to register it with FAA.

Although you will not get high-quality images from this drone, you can rest assured that the 1080 FPV camera with gesture recognition will provide you with a beautiful photo-taking experience.

Upon a single tap on the button, newbies and kids can easily control the drone to satisfaction. Moreover, features such as the one-key takeoff, emergency stop, and altitude hold make the drone pretty maneuverable, especially for entry-level users.

Additional Features

  • Double playtime with two batteries
  • Customized flight
  • Multiple intelligent functions
  • UHD images and quality videos


The ZENFOLT XPA7 is another best drone with a camera for beginners under 100 that never disappoints. If it is your first time investing in the drone, the chances are that you do not know much about setting up the drone. The drone offers a humble time as the instructions are easy to follow. One feature that makes it ideal for beginners is its four replacement blades. Therefore, even if you land-crash the drone, you do not have to worry because you can always replace the damaged parts.

Also, the drone is sturdy, and the kit comes with everything that you will need to repair it when the need arises.

Surprisingly, the drone syncs with your phone so that you can see what your drone sees. Superb aerodynamics makes it easy to maneuver the drone while preventing the wind from pushing it away.

Additional Features

  • Foldable and easy to carry as it can fit in the palm of your hand
  • HD videos and FPV function provides great fun when flying the drone.
  • Straightforward and safe to control; you do not need to have excellent skills to control the drone.
  • Two modular batteries to give you an alternative when your battery runs out, or you are doing an activity that won’t allow the extra time to recharge.
  • Multiple flight control function for an exciting ride.

Holy Stone HS260

The Holy Stone HS260 is a perfect match for drone enthusiasts with zero flying experience. It is one of the pocket-friendly drones that do all the work while allowing you to have immensurable fun at the same time. While it is a drone that is easy to figure out and control, it comes with a comprehensive user manual that guides you through the entire process of using the drone.

The Holy Stone HS260 may have a few downsides, but it has numerous incredible features that make it highly attractive in the market. Besides, every drone that you see in the market has its limitations. The limitations for this drone are that its remote controller does not fit in the most modern smartphones.

Additional Features

  • A ready to fly design and the drone is built with quality in mind.
  • Small and foldable design for portability
  • The takeoff weight is 140g, meaning that you do need to register the drone with FAA.
  • 1080p camera for decent photos and videos.
  • Flight functions; Z speed modes, one key landing and takeoff, headless mode, gravity control, 3D flips, voice control, trajectory flight, and optical flow positioning.
  • Long flight time thanks to the two batteries.


The SANROCK U52 is another great drone for beginners to purchase right now. It comes packed with a 720P HD camera and a quality battery that can provide up to 13 minutes of flight time. Controlling the drone with features such as one-key-takeoff and land becomes straightforward for beginners. The gravity sensors facilitate the synchronization of the drone with your smartphone.

While the SANROCK U52 does not offer a foldable design and build, it is small enough to make it easy to transport. Therefore, with a quality backpack, you should never have difficulty transporting your drone to wherever you want it to go.

Additionally, the drone only ways 178g, indicating that you will not have to worry about FAA registration.

Additional features

  • 3.7V 1500 mAh battery capable of giving a flight time.
  • A compact drone remote controller with a maximum flight range of 320ft.
  • Camera 720P HD can deliver quality cinematic footage for the price range.
  • Several flight functions: 2-speed modes, one key takeoff or landing, altitude hold mode, draw a route, 360 degrees flips and roles, one key return, and headless mode.

Is A $100 Budget Enough For Beginners Learning To Fly Drones?

If it is your first time getting into the world of drones, then it is prudent that you start on cheap practice drones. Drones can be pretty expensive, and you do not want to fly your $ 3000 drone directly to the pool.

A $100 budget is enough for beginners learning to fly drones as it gives basic skills before upgrading to a more expensive and sophisticated model. Moreover, when flying a drone without much experience, there are high chances that you will crash and end up damaging the drone. A $ 100 budget drone will be easy to replace.

In addition to helping you save money while still acquiring the skills you need to become a great pilot, there are numerous other benefits to cheap drones. For instance, cheap drones are easy to control, and many models are usable indoors and outdoor.

Moreover, when flying a cheap drone, you can do it with confidence because you know that a crash will not leave you on the verge of bankruptcy. Therefore, drones below $ 100 can build your confidence and make you a great pilot.

What To Look For In A $100 Beginner Camera Drone

With numerous brands in the market, purchasing your first drone is not likely to be a straightforward process. Even if you intend to spend $ 100 or less, you do not want to invest your money in a product that will not meet your expectations. Among the essential considerations, you need to include the materials used, camera, battery life and flight time, and other essential features. The materials used are significant because they will directly influence the durability of the drone. While you will not spend a lot of money on the drone, you want a product that will allow you to train for an extended period without having to replace it.

Battery Life And Flight Time

When shopping for a $100 budget drone, you need to check for the quality of the battery. Since most of these batteries are not designed for a long time, you should ensure that you have several spare parts to avoid lengthy interruptions. The other essential battery aspect that you need to consider is the recharging period. Quality drone batteries do not take forever to recharge, which can be inconvenient.

Notably, while most companies advertise the flight time for their budget drones to be 13 min, the truth is that they rarely exceed 10 minutes. Therefore, the trick is to purchase a drone with removable batteries and ensure that you have several spare batteries. Additionally, avoid batteries that take a long to recharge.


Most budget drones come equipped with cameras so you can shoot exciting aerial videos and photos. Although the camera in these models is basic and therefore might not provide the top-notch quality that you may want, the truth is that they can always serve the purpose. For convenience, you should choose a drone with above 720 resolutions.

In addition, you should consider a drone that allows for camera replacement. Such drones are ideal because they allow you to upgrade your drone whenever you find it necessary. Always be keen on checking the camera’s specifications, including the shutter speed, aperture, frame rate, and image stabilization, if any.

Features Available

One common mistake that many people make when shopping for a budget drone is that they never stop examining other crucial features. In most cases, many will focus on the price, and that is all. However, that is not how you are supposed to approach the whole issue, especially if you are looking for a drone that will give you offer real fun.

A budget drone comes with numerous exciting features, and you have to find out if the drone you are about to purchase has all the features that will help make your flying experience great. The features you should include in your essential features include:

  • Follow-me function.
  • One key-takeoff or landing.
  • Altitude hold mode.
  • Draw-route.
  • 360 degrees flips and roles.
  • One key return.
  • Headless mode.

A budget drone with all these additional features will likely serve you right.


While it is clear that budget drones are ideal for helping you improve your flying skills, the only challenge you now have is choosing the best drone. The first trick to identifying the best drone is equipping yourself with enough information and ensuring that you are clear on the uses of your drone. Additionally, before ordering your first budget drone, you need to make sure that the drone has all the essential features such as incredible flying time, quality camera, and availability of spare parts. The Holy Stone HS260 is our recommendation as it meets all the criteria of budget drones.

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