10 Best Drones With Camera For Kids (Safe & Fun!)

If you are looking for the perfect remote control drone for your child, you should have a few things at the back of your mind before you even start searching.

Buying a drone for kids is not the same thing as buying one for an adult. The best drone for kids should be exciting enough to arouse and keep the interest of the user. In addition, drones for kids should be safe to operate and easy to use.

Again, the right drone should have a good camera because this will make it attractive to the child. Below are some smart options if you are looking for the best drone with camera for kids.

Our Top Children’s Camera Drone Reviews

Ryze Tech Tello

This drone is not just the right one for children but it is also an excellent choice for beginners. The Ryze Tech Tello ticks all the right boxes because it is sturdy, easy to operate and comes with a great camera. Below are some of the amazing qualities of this near-perfect drone.

This will take about three minutes. It might seem complicated to first time users but once you get the hang of it, it is a relatively straightforward process. You can use your Android phone to set up the drone or you can simply download the app from the app store. Complete the setup and you are good to go.

Battery and Flight Time
It takes about 75 minutes to charge the battery, once it is fully charged, it will give you approximately 10-15 hours flight time. This may not seem like a lot of time but you have to remember the drone is for kids and kids have a short attention span.

Enjoying Your Drone
You can fly this drone indoors and you can fly the Ryze Tello outdoors as well. Just adjust the setting to fast or slow. This drone is super good and I recommend it to all parents who want to buy one for their kids. The only problem is that the camera is in a fixed position so you cannot get a bird’s eye view when you take pictures.

TizzyToy Drone

Portable and Easy to Fly
One of the best things about this drone for beginners and children is that it is portable. It comes in a zipper box and the wings can be folded. This makes it the ideal drone when you are taking the kids outdoors. You can simply fold the wings, put the drone in the box and off you go.

You can fly this drone indoors or outdoors with great results in both cases.

For people who love video effects, this is the right drone to buy. The video recording works very well and you can get some amazing videos with this drone.

Colorful and Exciting
These toy drones comes in a number of colors so you can choose the color you like best. I recommend you go for pink or purple depending on whether you are buying it for a girl or a boy.

One of the best things about this drone is that it comes with wonderful LED lights and this is a huge plus. Fly your drone in the evenings and you can light up the neighborhood and wow all the kids in the vicinity. All told, this is a fun drone and it is highly recommended.

DROCON Ninja RC Drone

Budget-Friendly and Easy to Fly
Speaking for myself, this is probably the best budget drone out there. For the price, you get a number of amazing features and very few drawbacks.

The controls are easy to use and this means you can do a number of flicks and tricks with little or no stress. The battery may not be that strong but fully charged, it should give you 6 or 7 minutes of flying time. This may not be much for an adult but, trust me, your kids won’t mind.

Durable Drone Plus Great Camera
For people who love to take pictures, this drone has an excellent feature.

The camera lens is adjustable so this gives you an added advantage. The video is also great so these two features will give you joy. In case you crash this drone, you can simply re-calibrate the done and it is off again.

The only drawback is that the battery is not that strong and an onboard storage for videos would be an excellent feature. However, this drone is still a great product for all that.

Potensic A20W

Rugged And Reliable Drone
You know the old saying about how beautiful things sometimes come in small sizes, right? Well, that saying perfectly applies to the Potensic A20W. this drone is relatively small but it has a number of excellent features for all that it. it is rugged and reliable and it is just right for people who are attracted to relatively small drones.

Very Easy to Fly
This drone is so easy to fly that a child of eight can navigate it. This drone has just one button for take off and landing so flying the drone is a piece of cake. In addition, there is an altitude hold button in case you just want the drone to hover without going up or down.

Excellent Camera and Video
The Potensic A20W comes with a great camera and the picture quality is quite good. In addition, the drone comes with spare parts in case you need to change some down the line. Again, this drone is rugged and can take a hit or two without any apparent ill effects. It is highly recommended for kids or even adults buying their very first drone.

Q10 Mini Drones

Small and Cute Drone
If you are looking for a drone that is small and cute, you should look no further than the Q10 Mini Drone. This is the perfect drone for the child you love. It easy to fly and it has a number of fun features that will delight your kids. Below are some features that will make your child fall in love with this wonderful drone.

Headless Mode
It comes with a headless mode and once you master how to use this feature, you can fly this drone without worrying about the direction it is facing. Switch to this mode if you want your drone to move in different directions.

3-Speed Mode
Now, your child may not be an expert at handling drones but this is not a problem. You can use the 3-speed mode to train the child from beginner to expert in no time. It is just a simple matter of practice. Use the different speeds at the appropriate time and you will soon get the hang of it.

Other Excellent Features
Other excellent features of this drone are the emergency stop, smart camera and an excellent video for recording as you fly. Buy this drone for your child and kid will fall in love with it.

CJX Mini Drone

High Tech Drone in Small Size
The best way to describe this drone is to call it a high-tech device in a small size. This is a mini drone no doubt about it but there is nothing “mini” about the technological features it carries.

Great Camera
This mini drone comes equipped with both a front and bottom camera and the picture quality is simply amazing. You can manually adjust the camera to record excellent photos. In addition, there is a provision for real time-transmission. This means you can use an app to transmit images and share them on your social media immediately you take the photos.

Durability and Safety
Do not underestimate the CJX mini drone. It might look small and fragile but is a lot stronger than it looks. It is made from tough material and this protects it from shocks and falls. In addition, it comes with four propeller guards and these guards protect the drone from collisions and also protect the users.

Other Features
Other features of this drone include voice control and strong batteries that give you about 24 minutes of flight time. You should not just read about this drone. Buy it for your child and the kid will thank you.

Cheerwing CW4

Great Price and Excellent Features
If you ever heard about a drone that has it all, the Cheerwing CW4 is that drone. This is because this drone has many wonderful features and the best part is that the price is relatively low. If you are looking for a budget drone for your child, just buy this one and you will be very happy with the purchase. Below are some things that make this drone the right one for your child.

Sturdy and Durable
Let’s face it, a crash or two is bound to happen so it pays if the drone can take a hit. The Cheerwing CW4 can definitely take a hit and it will still remain in good working order.

Features of the Cheerwing CW4
This drone comes with two batteries, has relatively good power and a good camera. It also has the altitude hold function and this is a great feature because an altitude hold feature makes the drone easier to fly. Again, this drone has excellent controllers that fit nicely into the hands. The only down side is that the range is not as good as it should be and the camera could be better.


Small Drone with Smart Features
Most people are rather surprised by the size (or lack of size) of this drone. This is because they usually expect a bigger device because of all the smart features that come with this drone. First off, this drone works with an app that lets you plot and fly a predetermined course. This makes it look like your drone is on auto-pilot and this is a lot of fun for the kids.

Speed and Accuracy
Again, this drone has plenty of power and it flies very high. Sometimes, it can go too fast but this is not a problem because it has an emergency stop and this ensures that you do not lose control.

Good Battery and Camera
This drone comes with two good batteries. Since each one can you give about 6 minutes of flight time, it follows that together, both batteries will give a maximum of 12 minutes flight time. This is quite good for a relatively small drone. Buy this drone for your child because it is an excellent choice.

4DV9 Mini Drone

Powerful for Its Size
If you love speed, you will like this drone. The 4DV9 mini drone is a powerful little drone. It takes off really fast and can fly very high into the sky. If you buy this drone for your child, the right move is to practice indoors for a while. When you have mastered the controls, then you can fly the drone outdoors.

Three Batteries and Good Camera
This drone has three batteries and that is a powerful selling point. Each battery lasts about 9 minutes so you are looking at 27 minutes maximum flight time and that’s pretty good.

Smart Features
This mini drone comes with great camera and video function. You can take clear pictures and even upload live videos and photos to your social media platforms without delay.

Easy to Use
This drone is easy to use and the best part is that it has just one key for start, land, return and even emergency landing. It is an excellent drone for kids because it is easy to handle. The best part is you can use the hi-tech features on the drone for stunts and high-speed rotation.

Syma X400 Mini Drone

Cool Blinking Lights and Speed
If you have flown the X350 and the X500, you will understand why the many people simply love the x400. This drone has many excellent features and these include speed and portability. Again, this drone comes with cool blinking lights so you can fly it at night and wow all your neighbors.

Tricks and Thrills
If you are keen on tricks and thrills with your drone, the Syma X400 is the right machine for you. You can speed all you want with this drone and you can hover as well. You can even try out a few tricks and pretend to be an experienced fighter pilot. All you need to do is just hit the right button on the drone.

Extra Battery for Extra Power
This drone comes with two batteries but you only need one to fly it. It follows that you can simply charge one while are using the other one. This way, you don’t ever run out of battery power. All in, this drone is a great little bird but the camera and video could better.

What to Look for in Kid’s Camera Drone

If you want to buy a drone for your kids of all age groups, you have to look for certain qualities and features. First off, you need a durable drone because the user is not a master with drones. There would be the inevitable crash or two before your child learns how to use the drone properly. For this reason, you need a drone that can cope with falls and crashes without too much stress.

Altitude Hold

Apart from durability, you need a drone with the altitude hold feature. This feature is necessary because it keeps the drone at a stable height even when you are no longer holding the controls. In addition, the altitude hold feature makes for easier navigation and also helps the user avoid crashes.

Great Camera

A toy drone for kids is nothing without excellent and functional cameras. You want your child to be able to capture great photos and videos from the air. It also helps if the camera has features that will sync to smartphones and other devices. This way, your kid can post images in real-time and have loads of fun doing it.

Propeller Guards

A drone for your child must come with propeller guards. This is important because it protects the fingers of your child during take off and landing. This is a very important feature if you ask me because you do not want the drone to injure your kids.

Safety Tips for Your Kids

We cannot conclude an article on remote control drones for kids without discussing safety features and tips for kids. Drones are machines with both mechanical and electrical features. It follows that you must apply the right safety measures when you fly these machines. Before you get a drone for your child, you should teach him or her the following things.

Never Fly Near Airports or Other Aircraft

This is a very important rule and you must ensure your child understands this. Flying your drone near an airport or near other aircraft can lead to serious problems and could even get the owner of drone in trouble.

Don’t Fly Your Drone in Crowded Areas

Explain to your kids that they cannot fly drones in areas where the descending drone could lead to an accident or endanger public safety. For instance, it is not right to fly your drones in or around national parks, stadiums or markets.

Do not Experiment with Batteries and Cables

Teach your kids not to experiment with batteries, wires and cables in the drone. In particular, they should only use the right battery for the drone. Explain to your kids that experimenting with certain areas of the done might lead to electric shocks.

After you buy the remote control drone for your child, you must supervise them until they can handle the drones in a safe and effective manner. Always remind them to observe drone safety measures at every opportunity and correct them when they go wrong.


Buying a drone for your child is an excellent idea as long as you can buy the right one. A perfect drone for your kid is the one that is relatively easy to fly. This way, the child will not have a hard time flying the drone. It also helps if the drone has some smart hi-tech features. In addition, great video and camera functions are vital for your drone. So are the altitude hold and the emergency stop functions. Find a drone that has all these qualities and your child will be happy with it.  And then once they become a master, they can soon move up to more expensive drones.

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