About Me

Hey, I’m Jarrod!

As a teenager, I wanted to learn everything about drones. That is when I discovered in thriving drone communities where other hobby enthusiasts shared the same passion.

Today, I spend most of my free time flying my drone and taking pictures of the things I love. Shooting photos gives me another way to share my passion with others. It has been my hobby for so long that I have become an expert. The best thing about drone photography is that it’s truly for all ages. Anyone can pick up their drone and take pictures around their area without feeling intimidated. There are so many unique and interesting ways to photograph with a drone that to keep your ideas flowing is difficult!

I put together this website to help others that are looking to get into the world of flying drones. It’s a great resource whether you are just starting out or have been flying for years!

We will have plenty of more articles coming including:

  • Drone and other related product reviews
  • How to guides

Feel free to look around and contact me if you have any questions or comments.