500mm Drone Frame Options To Build A Big Drone

A drone with a 500mm drone frame is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced flyers. It’s extremely stable in the air, and flies great at high speeds.

Some pilots prefer it over the more popular 400mm and 450mm frames. A larger frame will weigh more, but the extra power and longer flight time make up for it.

If you have already seen my drone frame size chart here, you will know that these size frames work best with:

  • 9-10″ propellers
  • 2212 – 2216 motors
  • 800KV-1000KV
  • 3300mAh 4s battery

If this size is something that you are interested in for your current drone build, I would recommend these following frames:

500mm Drone Frame Recommendations

FPVKing 500-X4 500mm Carbon Fiber Center Plate Quadcopter Frame Kit Upgrade S500 SK500 F450 with Fixed Landing Gear
  • ✈ The Frame is made of 3K Carbon Fiber board and full CNC machining, strong enough.
  • ✈ Folding design, installation designed for users with high portability requirements.
  • ✈ Special designed with the porous UAV platform.
  • ✈ Design standard is higher than most similar products of this range.
  • ✈ The frame compatible with APM / Pixhawk / Naza M lite flight controller.
S500 Quadcopter Frame Stretch X FPV Drone Frame Kit PCB Version with Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
  • ★ S500 is the quadcopter frame for upgrade F450 FPV Frame Kit.
  • ★High quality PCB version carbon fiber material and exquisite design.
  • ★PCB Center plate with solder point ,good qiality carbon fiber landing gear;
  • ★Good work with Gopro Hero 3 2 Axis brushless gimbal for FPV
  • ★Learned arm design from DJI S800 EVO, and enhanced.
ShareGoo S500 Quadcopter Fuselage Frame Kit PCB Version with Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Skide Kits
  • High quality PCB version carbon fiber material and exquisite design:S500 PCB 500mm upgrade F450 quadcopter frame kit with landing gear
  • Compatible with Gopro Hero 3 2 Axis brushless gimbal for FPV ;Fast battery-mounted design. Battery replacement is quick and easy.
  • 6-hole motor installation, compatible with the majority of the motor In the market
  • Center plate with solder point.Frame only, no electronic parts.Made Carbon Rod inside the arm,to make the arm hard and strong,not shake.
  • Frame only, no electronic parts,Anti-angle arm, increasing the stability of the flight at the same time minimize the power loss.
Kamas 1 Set X500 500 500mm PCB/Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame kit for TBS Team Blacksheep Discovery FPV Drone Quadcopter - (Color: X500 Carbon Fiber)
  • Color: X500 carbon fiber
  • - Arm:4pcs 450 arm,high strength screws (color optional)
  • - Alien locusts PCB frame with welding spot and flight control reserve
  • - It is compatible with 3S 5000mAh-6000mAh battery or 4S 2500mAh-3700mAh battery
  • - Can load a Gpogro and a camera which size is smaller than 32x32mm

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