250mm Drone Frame Choices For Racing And More

If you are looking for a good mid size drone frame for your next build, a 250mm drone frame may be right for you. It will give you extra room for bigger batteries and a larger camera than the smaller sized frames.

Some pilots like to build a drone with a longer body for hovering challenges with longer flight times and better stability. Others like the slimmer profile for tighter spaces and the ability to fit the drone in smaller spaces, such as when flying indoors. It really all depends on you and what you would like to go build.

If you have already seen my drone frame size chart here, you will know that these size frames work best with:

  • 6″ propellers
  • 2204 – 2208 motors
  • 2000KV-2300KV
  • 1300-1800mAh 3s/4s battery

If this size is something that you are interested in for your current drone build, I would recommend these following frames:

250mm Drone Frame Recommendations

Usmile 250 Quad 3K Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter Frame for Mini Quad miniquad FPV Quad 250mm Racing Quadcopter Mini Drone FPV Drone
  • This 250 frame is made of 3K carbon fiber
  • Plenty of space to easily fit your FPV and neatly tuck away all the wires.
  • Equipped with rubber damper to reduce jello effect during flight.
  • Perfect combination with Emax MT2204, simon 12A ESC, CC3D flight controller, 6045 propeller
250mm FPV Racing Drone Frame 5 Inch Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit with 4mm FPV Frame Arms+Lipo Battery Strap
  • ★Stable - 4mm carbon fiber frame arms and shock absorber cottons.
  • ★Convenient - Plenty of space is reserved on multiple layers so that you can easily fit your FPV and neatly tuck away all the wires.
  • ★Shockproof - Equipped with rubber damper: AV shockproof ball, high quality and strong ability of shock absorption.
  • ★Smooth - Super strong & smooth flight: 1.5mm full carbon fiber fuselage and 4mm frame arms effectively reduce vibration during flight, guaranteeing the flying ability of the Quadcopter.
  • ★Easily assembled - Suitable for both beginners and senior players: Compact design with small numbers of components, can be easily assembled.
YoungRC 250mm HD DC5 FPV Racing Drone Frame 5 inch Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit for DC HD FPV Freestyle RC Drone
  • This new 5 inch 250mm drone frame fit for DC HD FPV Freestyle RC Racing Drone.
  • Super lightweight Freestyle frame, weight about: 163g.
  • Made of full 3K carbon fiber material, lightweight and sturdy, with a long service life.
  • This version of the drone frame uses a standard 5" arm at the front and a standard 6" arm at the rear.
  • This drone frame is designed with 3D printed insulating inserts.
USAQ ZMR250 3K Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Frame with Hardware
  • Pure 3K carbon fiber construction
  • High quality aluminum standoffs with treated steel hardware
QWinOut Glass Fiber Mini Alien Racing Drone 250mm 250 RC Quadcopter Frame Kit Unassembled for DIY FPV As ZMR250 Q250
  • Materials: Glass Fiber
  • Fasteners: Stainless Steel & Red Metal 8/8
  • Size: 220mm diagonally, 175mm wide, 130mm long motor-to-motor; about 1/2 the size of a regular quadcopter
  • Maximum Propeller: 5"
  • Motor Mount: M2 12mm - 16mm (Tiger MN1806 2300kv, RCX 1804 2400kv), M3 19mm (Tiger MT2206 2000kv, Sunnysky X2204 2300kv)

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